What is Collaborology?

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Collaborology is the theory and practice of successful scalable collaboration — ultimately to the level where planetary issues can be addressed by us as a people (all citizens of Earth).

  • This includes studies of how success happens, and also
  • How failure happens.
  • Collaborology addresses the collaboration externals (tools, protocols, artifacts, etc) as well as
  • Collaboration internals (development, tools, presentation, maturity, etc. of collaborating individuals).
  • We will evolve formal object models of collaborology.
  • We will characterize failure modes.
  • We will characterize success modes.
  • We will characterize learning modes
  • We will provide insights and guidance for different scales and objectives of teams and projects.
  • Collaborology addresses atomic collaboration (1:1 between 2 individuals, or 1:0 an individual with self), and scales upward.

Collaborology encompasses practices & protocols such as

  • CCC (Communication and Commitment to Collaborate)
  • COI (“Community of Impact”: commitment to do good, and practices of self and peer accountability, learning, and community)
  • Identity (Transparency within a “circle of trust”)
  • Dictipedia (recognizing we each travel with our own language)
  • WISIWIDo (aka WYDIWYDo) — tracking micro-agreements & action items, as an embeddable protocol for more ambitious and sophisticated interaction tracking & management

If Collaborology can be well enough understood as to become a “hard science”, the mathematics of collaborology (Sociomatics) may potentially be formalized.

Originally published at kfjournal.org on October 20, 2015.

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